Spread Creativity! Mobile

 The mobile you will create with this project kit is similar to some of the mobiles created by Alexander Calder. The shapes are abstract (simplified) but may remind you of birds or stingrays.


We recommend reviewing your instruction booklet and viewing the demonstration videos before you begin construction of your mobile.


Artists ages 6 to 96 love Art Jams!

Younger artsits, 6 to 10 years, may need adult help.

Kits are not recommended for artists younger than 6 years of age.

  • Demonstration Video

    A video demonstrating the basic steps for creating a mobile can be viewed by clicking this button.


    We strongly recommend viewing this brief video before you begin building your mobile.


    It is meant to supplement the instruction booklet included in the Art Jam Mobile kit.

  • About Mobiles

    A mobile is a type of three-dimensional art or sculpture that moves in space. When a sculpture actually moves it is said to be kinetic. The energy that moves a mobile is air current and wind.


    Mobiles are composed of several elements of art: line (the wire), shape, color and motion. The air through which mobiles move is known as negative space.


    Click here to view a mobile constructed with an Art Jams kit.


    Can you pick out the art terms mentioned above?

  • How Does Wind Create Energy?

    This short video explains and demonstrates how wind turbines are used to generate electricity.

  • Alexander Calder

    Alexander Calder, an American artist, is credited with creating the first mobiles. Before Calder, sculpture was static, it did not move.


    Calder earned a degree in mechanical engineering before becoming a sculptor. He later studied art in New York and in Paris.


    Click here to view Calder's works of art.


    Calder created very large stabiles (still) pieces as well as mobiles. He also built hand-cranked works and wire sculpture.


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  • Product Safety

    All of our projects contain materials that are safe and meet the requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) 2008. Contact Us to request certificates of compliance on any of the products or materials in our project kits.

  • Show & Tell Us About Your Art

    We would love to see your finished work of art and to hear about your Art Jam experience.


    Email us an image (jpg) or video (1 minute or less) of your  mobile and any comments or recommendations you may have.

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