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Our kits cover sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking and various other art media and techniques. Available Kits contain link-buttons to project pages with demonstration videos, a history of the artist or medium, video links on related subjects (math, science, history), and images of completed projects.


Our list of kits continues to grow and develop. Select any of the projects listed here for a brief description.


Available Kits Coming Soon!
  • Mobile

    The mobile you will create is similar to some of the mobiles created by Alexander Calder, a modern American artist. The shapes are abstract (simplified) but may remind you of birds or stingrays.


    Click this button to view the mobile project.

  • Oil Pastel: Flower

    Because oil pastels are so colorful and vibrant, they are the perfect medium (material) for creating images of flowers. Georgia O’Keeffe, an American artist, painted large colorful images of flowers.


    In this project you will create a richly colored image of a lilly.


    Click this button to view the oil pastel project.



  • Watercolor: Koi

    Watercolor paintings are jewel-like images of layered transluscent color. They have been used in Asia since 618.


    Our Watercolor:Koi kit contains a brief history of watercolor painting, tips and techniques for manipulating the paint, and directions and demonstration videos for creating your own painting of Koi fish.


    Click this button to view the Watercolor: Koi project.



  • Pencil Drawing: Lion

    Artists have been drawing portraits around the world for hundreds of years. Chuck Close is an American artist who paints huge portraits using a system of grids.


    In this project, you will enlarge a portrait of a lion using grids. You will also practice several shading techniques using a pencil, scratch stick, eraser and paper stub.


    You can use the techniques you learn and practice  in all of your future drawings.


    Click this button to view the Pencil Drawing: Lion project.



  • Acrylic Painting: Egret

    John J. Audubon is famous for his paintings of Birds of America.


    In this project you will learn about Audubon and acrylic paints by painting  an egret.


    To learn more about birds, we provide  links to the Audubon Society and Cornell Ornitholoby websites.

  • Chalk Pastel: Dancer

    The beauty of ballet dancers was captered in soft, chalk pastels by Edgar Degas. We will practice the use of chalk pastels as we draw our own beautiful dancer.

  • Oil Painting: Still Life

    A still life is an arrangement of objects such as apples with a bottle. Paul Cezanne painted numerous still lifes with oil paint. We will learn basic oil painting techniques as we paint our own still life.

  • Soft Sculpture

    Claes Oldenburg is an American sculpture who created huge sculpture in the shape of everyday objects. He used different kinds of fabric to make "soft sculpture".


    We will create a soft fabric sculpture in this project.

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